Practical information



Dear friends,

In order to achieve the best results we have to agree on a few rules. Should we all obey them it will improve the general feeling, flow of the festival as well as preventing unnecessary stress and conflicts. At the end of the day we all want to have fun and go through the festival in good health and problem free.


Access to the area of Sninske Rybniky by car you will be able to use the parking area whilst there are free spaces. Upon filling these spaces you will be redirected by the police to an outside complex, alternatively you can use the park & ride shuttle bus option from Snina. Provisional Parking tickets will be available only for artists and the festival organisers as a part of a VIP ticket. We would like to ask everybody, especially locals, to use other means of transport than motor vehicle. For your convenience there will be a shuttle bus between Sninske Rybniky and Snina town centre in operation as well as taxis.


Access to the venue is granted only to people wearing identifying wristbands which will be issued upon arrival on site. Visitors have to present the wristband each time they enter the venue as well as during the event and there will be random checks in the area. In a case that the individual will not be able to present the wristband, they will be denied entry or escorted out by security that will be identify by uniform clothing. Their duty is to also assist the handicapped and ensure a high standard of safety to all visitors. In case of bullying or unnecessary behaviour from the side of the security guard, contact the organisers immediately.

Wristbands have been made for us in USA. In a case that organisers or security guards identify a person with falsified or altered wristbands, will be handed over to authorities and organisers and to be repaid in civil court of law.


First Aid:
First Aid is provided by medics and is available near the main stage sign posted with Red Cross.


Catering and refreshments:
Food and drinks are available in tented area and operated by a fully licensed company.

Accommodation and hygiene:
Free spaces for camping will be signposted. Staying in a tent at the camping site is at own risk and is without any charge. Organisers will ensure provision of drinking water, lights and security guards for monitoring and ensuring safety of this area. Complex of swimming pools will stay open so after a heavy night you can relax or go for a swim. You are able to put up your tents in the available Autocamp area where there will be showers, toilets, kitchens etc available. Due to a higher standard this type of accommodation is at an additional cost. It’s operated by an entrepreneur who can be held responsible for possible damages.


Accommodation for visitors with higher expectations:
Establishments directly at Sninske rybniky:
Rekreačné zariadenie Vihorlat:,
Rekreačné zariadenie pána Čornaniča - chata Alexander,
Hotel Kamei,
Establishments in city of Snina:
Stredná odborná škola,
Eurohotel VIHORLAT,
Hotel Adria,
Ubytovňa BD,
Establishments near by:
Zemplínske Hámre - Gazdovský dvor,
Zemplínske Hámre -
Penzión Luki,

Zemplínske Hámre - Penzión Kveta Zarembová,
Belá nad Cirochou - Penzión Starý Mlyn,
Stakčín - Hotel Armales,
Turistická ubytovňa Obecný dom Stakčín.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and you should be able to find different types and offers for accommodation online.

Forbidden items:
Into the area of festival it is strongly forbidden to bring:
- Any glass containers including bottles,
- Cans of any sort,
- Closed plastic bottles, you might be asked by organisers to take a sip,
- Flammables, fireworks, open flames (fire),
- Things endangering the safety and/or health of others including but not limited to illegal substances, weapons etc,
- Film camcorders, digital camcorders, cameras with the exclusion of fully automatic non professional cameras,
- Dogs or any other pets.
Last year we experienced a few difficulties and problems with hyenas not coming for fun or good music but instead to steal. Because of this the whole area will be monitored by CCTV 24/7 during the whole festival.
Lost and found:
In the case that you have lost or found something not belonging to you, please refer it to organisers. We would like to strongly advise you to not bring anything of high value.



We reserve the right to change the program. Bad weather is not a reason for cancellation.



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